Butterfly Merchandise

Our major funding is generated from our Butterfly Badge and Keyring Sales.  We provide these on consignment to organisations who sell them as a way to support Deafness Research and Access grants.  We produce a new range each year with a fabulous range for 2018!

They come pre-boxed with new styles of packaging this year.  Orders can be emailed to butterflies@deafness.org.au.  Butterfly merchandise is available all year.

Badges sell for just $2.50 each and keyrings for $5 each.

2014 Butterfly Box with Keyrings

Merchandise is sold on consignment. You do not need to pay when ordering, simply return funds collected and any unsold goods by a nominated date. We encourage you to consider ordering a display box of butterfly badges and keyrings to sell among your friends and family, colleagues or customers. Download a Butterfly Merchandise Order Form


2015 Butterfly Designs

Get your school involved in fundraising for a great cause.   Download a School Order Form.

If your school has Deaf or hard of hearing students you may qualify for a grant under our Financial Grants Program and individual students in years 10,11 or 12 may be eligible to apply for an Education Encouragement Award (conditions apply).

Many audiology practices, medical, dental, veterinary and other allied health and other businesses are wonderful partners of the Butterfly Badges and Keyrings program throughout the year.

Call the Foundation on (03) 9738 2909 to find a local outlet in your area or to order butterfly merchandise to sell through your workplace or networks.

For further enquiries regarding butterfly merchandise, please phone
(03) 9738 2909 or email: butterflies@deafness.org.au