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Grants & Awards

The Deafness Foundation primary objective is to raise funds that can be applied for purposes that will assist the Deaf and hard of hearing.  Organisations can apply for the Grants Program and Individuals for Education Encouragement Awards in line with the objectives and Strategic Priorities of Deafness Foundation.  Deafness Foundation also funds research via the Peter Howson Fellowship and the Deafness Foundation PhD Scholarship.

Grants can be awarded for a variety of projects, however the primary requirement is that they must benefit the deaf or hard of hearing.

All Grant Applications must be submitted by the due date of 31 October, 2017 using the correct Application form provided on the website.  Applications are required to be lodged electronically.

Examples of the diversity of Grants awarded include:

Wandarra Yarning

Funding of the Wandarra Yarning Audiology Resource Booklet to Barwon Health.  This booklet will assist the work of Audiologists in their work with indigenous clients.

Guide Dog Loan Scheme Device Boxes with Deafness Foundation Logo 2

Guide Dogs Association of South Australia / Northern Territory received funding for a Hearing Equipment Loan Scheme.  This included Bellman Baby Cry Pager Packs, Roger plus additional items.


Forum Agenda

Professional Development program at ASLIA Victoria – contributed to hire of venue costs and Interpreter costs.


Stephanie Downey with Jenny Coburn and Cathy ClarkEstablishment of a Scholarship for a family member to learn Auslan at Melbourne Polytechnic.  The scholarship awarded to Stephanie Downey allows Stephanie to learn Auslan and share her skills with her daughter who is deaf and assist other members of her family in learning Auslan.


SuperIGA Sign - Countermarket Counter Toppers and Brochures were funded as part of MPower’s Hearing Awareness Week Brochure - Inside 2016Project.


IGA Sign - Counter 2