book-cover_hearing-the-need-_jpeg-versionThis book is an account of the momentous changes that have occurred in the lives of deaf and hearing-impaired Australians since the 1950s. It records the achievements of an Australian community organisation whose members volunteered their vision, expertise, commitment and service to issues and projects that have transformed the lives of deaf and hearing-impaired Australians.

Established in 1974 as the peak body to coordinate the work of many organisations that supported the deaf, the Deafness Foundation has used its leadership role to successfully draw the attention of governments, industry groups, professional practitioners and the general community to the need for services such as community-wide immunisation against rubella, laws to prevent hearing loss in the workplace and research into new technologies such as the cochlear implant.

The Deafness Foundation’s active and successful community fundraising, including its now widely supported Butterfly Badge Appeal, has enabled it to raise community awareness of the causes and treatment of deafness and to provide financial encouragement to many projects that assist the deaf and hard of hearing and their families.

Telling the story of how this community-based organisation has heard and responded to the concerns of deaf and hearing-impaired Australians is an important way of enriching the life of the wider community that has supported it.

This special edition is limited to 1,000 copies

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Savvy the Great and Savvy in the Great Blue Book
pfad-savvy-1Savvy the Great and Savvy in the Great Blue Book are delightful stories about a young boy with a cochlear implant.

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are-you-being-heardInformation and teaching tips for teachers of students with a hearing loss this 21-page information booklet is aimed at mainstream teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students of all ages. The booklet provides an overview of the educational needs deaf students may have in the classrooms.   This book is often referred to as AYBH

This booklet is a must-have for any teacher working with deaf students, particularly those teachers with little experience of the impact of childhood deafness on learning. It will also be useful for those teachers with some experience, but who need to refresh their knowledge.

Others who will find the booklet useful for its handy hints on communicating with deaf children and young people are sports coaches and scout and guide leaders etc.

Topics are grouped into four sections:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Social and emotional well-being
  • Teamwork, and
  • About hearing loss

Each section covers a number of sub-headings, including many handy hints for teachers to use.

Deaf Children Australia and the Deafness Foundation jointly produced this booklet.

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