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Registrations have opened for the Inaugural Deafness Foundation Hearing Symposium being held at Monash Medical Centre on Friday 25th August. The focus of the Symposium is on Childhood Hearing Loss with feature presentations from Professor Cheryl Jones, Dr Julia Wunderlich, Associate Professor Julia Clark, Mrs Kate Daly, Dr Kerryn Saunders, Dr Valerie Sung, Professor Michael Ditchfield, Ms Alison King, Dr Matthew Hunter, Ms Ellie Prawer and Mrs Hollie Feller. This will be an excellent day of professional learning.


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15th December 2016 - “Books for Bookworms” Second Hand Books

Our "Tiny Book Shop" which has Second hand books has an amazing amount and range of books with something for everyone.

10th January 2017 - January Newsletter Hits the Stands

January 2017 brings a new Newsletter for you to enjoy. We have a feature of our Volunteers Thank You at Parliament House