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A Bit About Us

Deafness Foundation was established in 1973 to act as an umbrella organisation, forum and information exchange and speak with a united voice for the deaf and hard of hearing in the community. The Foundation has evolved over the years however our focus has remained the same, to support the deaf and hard of hearing in the community.

About Us: About Us

What we do

- Provide Education Encouragement Awards to support the educational aspirations of secondary school and post secondary school students across the nation.

- Fund research, particularly through Peter Howson Research Fellowship, Education Research Fellowship and PhD Scholarship, Pilot Research programs and Education Research.

- Provide information to the general public and those who are deaf or hard of hearing on a broad range of issues and topics.

- Partner and consult with like minded organisations and those we serve.

- As the lead organisation, conduct and coordinate activities during Hearing Awareness Week to raise awareness of deafness and hearing loss.

- Provide financial grants to organisations for projects that support our mission and benefit the Deaf and hard of hearing.

- Provide leadership in issues around Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

- Engage in fundraising to be able to undertake the work that we do.

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