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Thank you to our supporters

Deafness Foundation is very grateful for the generous support of individuals, businesses, Trusts and Foundations that have enabled us to raise funds to undertake our ongoing research, grants and education award programs over many years.

IGA & IGA Ritchies Supermarkets
IGA Supermarkets have been long-term supporters of Deafness Foundation through our Annual May Butterfly Appeal.   The support of IGA and Ritchies IGA has been a significant contributor to generating funds to allow us to provide grants and research funding, along with our Educational Awards.

This partnership has generated more than $1 million in butterfly pin and keyring sales since its inception.   Thank you IGA – you are a wonderful partner.

Lynmarc Textiles
Deafness Foundation has a licence agreement with Lynmarc Textiles which has been running for over sixteen years.  Lynmarc operate clothing bin and related recycling business, in return for a monthly royalty payment to Deafness Foundation.

Baker McKenzie
For the provision of legal services over many years – a huge thank you.

King & Wood Mallesons
For assistance with trademark related matters. Thank you.

Urquhart Charitable Fund
The support of Urquhart Foundation is truly appreciated with many wonderful Grants received over the years. Thank you for your support of Deafness Foundation.

Monash Health and Monash Children's Hospital
Support of the Deafness Foundation Hearing Symposiums

Bunnings Bayswater
For provision of BBQ opportunities. We raised over $3,600 through this. Thanks so much!

Monash childrens
bunnings bayswater
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